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Welcome to our Milverton Public School homepage. We are so glad that you found our  home on the web, and hope that the information and resources available here can  share a small glimpse of just how great it is to be a Milverton Mustang! 
Milverton Public School is an amazing school that is all about people. We serve just  under 300 students from junior kindergarten to grade 8. Our students come from the  town of Milverton as well as the surrounding rural area. Our students are polite, kind  and try their best day in and day out. Our parents and community are supportive. We  
have an active School Council that gives feedback on proposed school initiatives, raises  money to support the school and helps plan special activities for students, parents and  community. Our school sits on the site of the former Milverton High School, and some  parts of that original iteration still remain. Our school gymnasium and intermediate wing  have many features reminiscent of secondary schools in our district, but have been  updated and maintained to meet the everyday needs of current students. Milverton  Public School, like all other schools in Avon Maitland District School Board, is a safe  and inclusive place for all members of our school community – students, staff, families,  and community members. 
At the same time as welcoming and supporting all who enter our building, we work to  provide a rigorous, engaging, supportive learning environment for all students. From our  Early Years team, through our Primary, and Junior divisions, up to our Intermediate  team, we are fortunate to have talented, compassionate, experienced staff in each one  of our classrooms. We are also able to provide supports for students with all types of  strengths and needs through our excellent team of learning support staff. Our updated  library and office areas provide students, staff, and families opportunities to connect  with very knowledgeable staff who can answer questions and make suggestions to help  enhance their experience here at Milverton Public School.
Staff and students work together at Milverton Public School to extend student learning  beyond the classroom. Many opportunities exist for student leadership, whether it be  supporting our traditional student council and intramural sports and activities, or  something a little more unique such as coding and robotics groups. A number of student  initiated, student led groups exist as well, providing opportunities for growth and  learning in many different areas. 
Given our unique location, nestled within the beautiful, growing community of Milverton,  surrounded by a thriving agricultural area, we strive to provide a learning environment  that offers something for everyone. 
Our school is fortunate to be supported by a generous and caring community. We have  recently completed work on a number of projects to update and enhance our school  yard, initiated by School Council, but funded by donations from individuals, families, and  businesses from the area. Parents and community volunteers make up our School  Council, but are also an integral part of the supports within the school. A number of  active volunteers read with students, support field trips and activities, help with  fundraisers, and our healthy snack program. 
Milverton Public School is renowned locally, and throughout the Avon Maitland District  School Board as a welcoming, supportive, dynamic school. Feedback from system level  staff, as well as from those who have joined our staff or community from elsewhere,  regularly reminds us that we are unique, in so many amazing ways. We look forward to  you learning more about what we have to offer, and the ways we can support all of our  students as they experience a positive, inclusive learning environment, while we strive  to maximize learning outcomes for each one of them. 
Thank you for visiting the Milverton Public School website. We appreciate your interest  in our school!
Don Rauser, Principal

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